Monday, 15 June 2009

Too Many Subjects

Feeling 'normal' when patently high. You don't accord it importance when in the experience. Insight left on the top shelf. But the devil of self-preservation is in the background.

This made me laugh last night but one:

Aphorisms are my favourite form. They leave you room to guess - they flatter - they are modest. I hate spitting rage at the forms that spell it out til doomsday. (He said, doing it himself).

Cooked a dish a dear Russian friend who came over last night told us about: Butt-Fucked-Chicken, or something more gentle in the translation. A chicken, with a standard american sized beer bottle up the bum, filled with water, or whatever you like. Stood upright in the oven. The funny thing is when served it looks like the effigy of some weird little god.

Earlier, picked a brimful bowlful plateful large bowl big many of wild strawberries.

Smultronstallet or whatever it is in Swedish. The perfect pudding. (Edit, Marian says the Bergman film translation in English is my downfall! - should be whatever the plural of Smultron is, if it isn't already).

I hate posting positive things like that. I don't want to crow. And I'm not crowing, because a perfect day turned black at the end.

I could post on any of these topics. If anyone wants to hear more, then kick me.


depressionetal said...

What is the culinary benefit to butt-fucked-chicken? Was it any good? I just wondered because as you describe it I am suspicious that the only reason it was ever invented was for the pure devilment of being able to say to someone: "I can cook butt-fucked-chicken. How 'bout you?"
Louise x

Abysmal Musings said...

Culinary benefit? Well, because it's stood up on end, so to speak, it cooks all round quite quickly. Also, you can 3/4 fill the bottle with water then add oil and the expansion of the water pushes some of the oil out - self-basting. But most of all it looks amusing. Polite name is Chicken on Bottle. Dx

Marian said...

Smultronstället. Smultron = (wild) strawberry, ställe = place, -t = (definite article), which makes: The strawberry place. :)

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks Marian.

cellar_door said...

I am hugely intrigued by butt-fucked-bottle-chicken, but not quite brave enough to attempt it...


Hannah said...

I really really want to cook butt-fucked chicken now and serve it to lots of friends just to see their reactions!!! could you leave the beer in the bottle for a drunken butt-fucked chicken? I'd have to be careful who I invited - knowing my luck someone will call the RSPCA on me.

Hannah said...

umm I don't recommend googling Butt-Fucked-Chicken for a recipe by the way - not pleasant.

Abysmal Musings said...

I believe there is a self-beer-basted-butt-fucked-chicken receipe somewhere on the net, because I read it, but I was sensible enough to search for Chicken On The Bottle. :-) Dx

depressionetal said...

Ah ok, self-basting - clever. I'm liking the pictures

Hannah said...

ahh, yes that search was a lot cleaner! here you are:

Marian said...

Learn Swedish on your blog - lesson two: 'smultron', noun, neuter:

a strawberry = ett smultron
strawberries = smultron
the strawberry = smultronet
the strawberries = smultronen
the yummy strawberry = det läckra smultronet
the yummy strawberries = de läckra smultronen
(always double definite article, when an adjective is added: "det" and "-et", singular, "de" and "-en", plural)

Marian said...

Oh and, pronounciation:

u as y in English symbol
o as oo in English noon

Abysmal Musings said...

Tack så mycket!