Monday, 6 July 2009

Bloody Benefit Bureaucracy

Had a letter this morning informing me that a month ago my Incapacity went up meaning my Income Support was stopped. Had another letter from Housing Benefit who were told by IS that I no longer had it, therefore that had been stopped. Cue horrid day of finding papers and documents, phonecalls, going into town to Council etc.

I hate the way stress works like the points on a railway line. I was feeling ok over the last 6 days. Then clunk, clackerty clacker and off on another line and my head feels like someone has taken a tin-opener to it. I feel weird to be honest. Very weird. I hope it goes away.

I found driving really hard today - my mind was zooming in every direction. I had to keep up a mantra of "You're driving - don't forget you're driving."

Other big bloody pain due to IB & IS is that the opticians and the dentist had all been put in motion to get some major stuff sorted, and now I'm not entitled to free health care. There goes my crown.

Oh alright, this is just moan moan moan, but I'd rather do that than pace the garden in the rain trying not to groan groan groan. My head is feeling frisky in a bad way. There's a thunderstorm-spooked horse locked in there. The can-opener is opening the stable door. Quick, spill milk on the prancing beast.



It's a pisser but it happenes all the time with the housing ben - a switch of benefit/change of circumstances and it gets stopped straight away. You might have to apply all over again but at CAB we can usually make one phone call and sort it there and then.
You need to check that you actually aren't still entitled to any IS component. Sometimes it gets stopped altogether when a change is made to IB/ESA when infact you may still be entitled to a morsel. If your IB payment is the same as your previous IB/IS combined then you should still be entitled to free NHS goodies. If it's a little over, you could be in difficulties. Next option is to get hold of form HC1 which could grant you form HC2 (yes, I know this is awful)which entitles those on low incomes to free prescriptions etc.
Alternatively you could go along to your friendly, smiling CAB advisor and get them to sort the lot out for you. I would willingly take this off your hands but it might be tricky long-distance.
They're bloody morons (DWP/nob-centre plus peeps). They don't know their own system from their arseholes and are forever messing things up like this.
I'm sorry this has sent you into a spin. These kind of cock-ups always send my mind out of orbit too. Funny how calmly I can deal with other people's chaos but my own tips me over the edge.
If you want to email me specifics, I can check out your entitlements.
I know it's hard but try and put up a big, fat, triple-insulated shit-screen against their fecal assaults.
Take care.

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks Kate. That's a comment and a half. I bet you're great at CAB. Thanks for that. Dx

Mandy said...

Hi D

"It's a pisser" is spot on!!!

I don't know why your benefits have been stopped. Normally, so I am told, the DWP send a letter explaining why but that isn't always the case. In fact it seems more often than no the opposite.

If you local CAB is quality then they should be able to go through it all and sort it. I have found the Welfare Rights people in neighbouring town pretty useful and our county council has a Welfare Benefits Adviser but not sure all councils are the same. I was quite impressed with the WBA as she advised me I was entitled to IS and nobody had told me that before. Just like noboby had told me I was entitled to DLA.

DWP are really hot on clawing benefits back but rather secretive about what people are entitled to.

Hope you get the support you need because suddenly losing income is very distressing.


Ruby Tuesday said...

Everyone else beat me to the giving benefits advice, so I am mentally leaving a big pot of tea. Or whisky. Whatever helps x


Oh yeah - I forgot DLA. There could be a bit of extra cash (unaffected by any other income if you qualify). Don't know if you've looked into it or written it off but if you can debase yourself enough to answer further questions on your toilet habits etc you might be able to pick up another £18.50 +.
It's assessed on your 'care' needs and most applications on mental health grounds are looking at 'lower rate mobility' (i.e. they need assistence walking about outside in unfamiliar places due to anxiety, panic attacks or presenting a danger to themselves or others etc).Whether you get it or not generally depends on your guile in completing the forms (I know I shouldn't be saying that but I see people turned down every week on account of their wrong wording). It's a beast of a form and I suggest, were you to attempt it, you have a stiff drink, a couple of valium and attatch an ice-pack to you forehead beforehand. However, I'm on very familiar terms with it now so if you need any advice don't hesitate to ask. I'm sure you're eminently capable and I also imagine you probably wouldn't want to go there but I have known lesser deserving candidates get an award.
Just another thought.

Morte said...

I can't advise as I know diddly about the subject matter. And K. has done a flippin' awesome job anyway!

I have though imbued this comment with positive healing vibes....

Take care.

depressionetal said...

Sorry you're having to deal with this stressy stuff. I am prone to ignoring stuff when I feel that stomach lurching anxiety set in:

"hmmm, hmmm," (that's me humming) "..nothing's happening, I didn't get that letter, it's not underneath the other letters, which are underneath the chair, which has the clothes piled on top of it. No siree. Letter? What letter? Why I can assure you, sir, if I had received a brown manilla envelope, adorned with telltale DWP markings, I would certainly remember such a thing. I've never heard such drivel, what poppycock you do talk, brain. La, la la..."

So, yeah, I have to force myself to deal with anything like that, unless I'm feeling spectacularly capable.

Wishing you luck etc,

Louise x

Mossy Mom said...

Some things are universal I guess. I'm residing on the stolen land that is currently know as the USA. I was between episodes when my benefits got cut off. Getting cut off sent me into one of my worst episodes ever. I appealed and won but the episode is not over. 16 months of mania but today I finally went down. Now a whole new type of struggle begins.