Friday, 10 July 2009


Don't know why. Birthday tomorrow perhaps?

Anyway, a crap week has slowly clawed its way back towards somewhere... somewhere dour.

Mon - benefits shite and horrid pacing.
Tue - went to Bristol in the evening and played tunes - ok - but was feeling like the man in the monster suit.
Wed - Ashes started. Lay shamelessly in the sun listening to the radio and sorting out photos for an exhibition I've been very kindly asked to joint exhibit at. (Still choosing photos. I might well ask for help. Watch this space.)
Thur - Took the boys to watch a cricket match (pub team affair) in the evening. Funny to see them with their bottles protected by the stumps, their fags in mouths, the summer evening air full of the thick of spliff. The boys played hide and seek in the pissoir and collected shards of broken glass, interminably. I was jealous to be a spectator. Wanted a crack at it.
Fri/Today - A non-day. Feel doury dour. Oh, I said that.

Take care all.



Hannah said...

hurrah a birthday!
will there be tea and cake?
of course there will be tea and cake!
and sandwiches and jellies?
as many as you can eat!

I'll warm the pot and get the pretty tea cups out!


Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks Hann. dx

Borderline Lil said...

Ugh, I too despise the horridly paced day. Yay for the cricket, though (even though the antipodean side we sent lacks ne sais quois of previous years!)

Happy birthday young man - hope it was on the pleasanter side of dour. Or indeed, not dour at all.


Are your boys drinking and smoking already!? My, they grow up quick these days!
Happy Birthday D! I hope things look up for you.

Mandy said...

Hi D

Hope your birthday is the opposite of dour. :>)

I like the idea of tea, cake, sarnies, jellies, fizzy pop and some games. Deal me in

Mark p.s.2 said...

Happy Birthday!

Morte said...

Yay for the cricket, keeps me amused at work.
Happy Birthday

depressionetal said...

'Dour' is a fantastic word, people don't use it often enough. Despite liking the word, I'm sorry to hear you feel that way and hope things improve soon.

I hated having my last birthday, one of those things that can be painful no matter what you do for it,
Louise x

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks all.

I should just carry on the post here:

Sat: Birthday piss-up with family and friends at countrypub lunchtime. Took wife out (or she took me) for meal in the evening in Cheltenham. Visited old friend on way back. Wandered around a few old haunts. A pleasant enough day really. I should stop being negative.

Sun: Got home, lay in the baking sun listening to that ridiculously exciting draw. What is it about test cricket, that after 5 days, nil nil can be so exciting?

Mon: More horrid letters from horrid depts. Bit jangly. Youngest child on horrid spurt plus teething. Sleep horrid.

Tues: More sorting out of benefit horridness. Picked up new spectacles - can now drive and see where I'm going again! Took big jugs into Stroud for firing. Have got friend staying for a few days while he runs a course nearby. Very irritated at school reports and the way that eldest boy's personality seems to be completely different at school to home. If he's an articulate, bold and conversational kid with strangers and all manner of adults, then why is it our problem if the school environment doesn't encourage that? What do they want us to do? He's in fine fettle with his peers out of school. ArrgggghhhhhHHH!

Thanks all again. Dx

colouredmind said...

Yay for cricket. And a late Happy Birthday. Hannah X

Marian said...

A very late (sorry!) Happy Birthday!