Friday, 17 July 2009


Too many people, too many social things, too many projects. But it's all under control. I need a day to myself perhaps. But school breaks up tomorrow, so farewell to that!

I'm coping. I had to go and pace and fume in the rain tonight for half an hour (hydrotherapy again...) but that was from natural causes and irritations.

I feel that I've made progress over the last couple of months. The ups and downs are still crap, but the impetus seems to have been building up. Maybe I'll rise above the ups and downs and be back in the blissful state of not noticing after another few months.

Hope all are well - I've not been very good on the blogfront recently.

Take care, Dx


Ruby Tuesday said...

progress is good. splendid, in fact. x

Borderline Lil said...

Two of my favourite words - "I'm coping". Great to hear. I am (traitorously - sp?) hoping for an English win in Test #2, much prefer your team to mine this season.

La-reve said...

You seem to be doing well with those ups and downs and that is admiral. Hoping they remain manageable for you. x

Abysmal Musings said...

Thanks all. The last few years have always seen my seasonal 'slump' aka normal but grim last from jul/aug - oct/nov. This one seems to be following the pattern. But more importantly, the degree of shite shittiness of the peaks seems to be lessening. After all, 18 months ago I was nearly dead, divorced and bankrupt. Now I'm just broke and technically incapacitated.

As for the cricket - tomorrow (mon) will be exciting. I think the Aussies could well pull it off. I'd say the match is perfectly balanced, and if the Aussies win, it will be a superb win. (Like that stupendous draw last Sunday :-D)