Friday, 28 August 2009

Been Rather Too Buzzy

But strangely, have been in no mood to talk about it. I think I'm fed up of talking about it. I'm just getting on with living with it and not getting arrested on account of it. I've been reading you all - it's strange how it becomes an extended family. But I am drawing horns in - maybe because I have to deal with the real world a bit more than I have. I have an exhibition starting a week tomorrow (Fri). Getting frames, mount materials, learning how to cut mounts (took me all of half an hour... the violin making came in handy for the steady hands after all)... etc. etc. etc. etc. And I still have to write some bullshit to justify why I take pictures.

Because I do. Because it passes the time. Because because because. Because life is absurd, but the thing is to keep swimming through it with good humour. How do you explain that? Because life or death is immaterial, but keeping going is of the uttermost importance, else the elseness has won. My Nanny was called Elsie, btw. Because it is one thing to be unafraid of your own death, and it is another thing to be unafraid of your childrens' deaths, and they are the same thing.

I am ok. I'm just a little stressed, and gearing myself up for a challenge. This summer has been a good but tough one. Wee stretching exercises. Getting fit. Fitter.

I feel vaguely bad that I'm not doing my usual in terms of trying to keep peoples' chins up. But I know I need time for myself.

Take care one and all, I'll be back in a couple of weeks. Dx

P.S. (Pm: The jug now has an address and packing materials. I'm now in search of suitable cardboard boxes. Expect it during the week after the bank holiday.)


Abysmal Musings said...

Nanny was my grandmother. Also acted as my mother for a long while when it counted. I wonder where the word comes from. My wife's grandmother was nicknamed Ny Nan - don't know how the spelling should be. Which I think means granny.

I did not mean wet nurse, nor did I mean some vile fantasy involving the delectable Julie Andrews.

Abysmal Musings said...

Ny Nan (welsh)

aethelreadtheunread said...

You shouldn't apologise for taking some time for yourself when you need time for yourself, or to concentrate on other things. We all do it.

As for coming up with something to justify why you take pictures, could you not just write 'Because I'm bloody good at it'? :o)

La-reve said...

I love your photography and I think it must be therapeutic you have even inspired me to try and take a few pics. Ps. I take the Pm was for me will wait in anticipation :). La reve x