Saturday, 26 September 2009

Inviting Critique

Trying to write an 'Artists (fucking) Statement' still. But an honest one. Any opinions welcome.



My pictures are always about reasons for living. Whether they show dreams, certainties, realities, fantasies, they have one thing in common: how to keep going in a world that is (and always has been before) becoming increasingly detached from any concept of spontaneous delight.

When I see something that makes me laugh, or think, or smile, or cry, I try to remember it, and sometimes take a picture. Sometimes they are thought about beforehand, othertimes in hindsight, and sometimes during the moment.

There is nothing special about what I do, except that I keep doing it, thinking it, and doing it again. My approach is always one of innocence. And I am lucky enough to have had a broad and amusing education: (child, climber, mountaineer, factory-boy, tramp, lover, poet, novelist, luthier, musician, painter, labourer, conservator, abseiling-medieval-sculpture-conservator-with-bells-attached, businessman, father, madman... among others). There is always something interesting in the world if you learn enough about the world first.

I use any medium that comes to hand. Sometimes for practical reasons. Sometimes to spite all the practical reasons. Any reason, so long as it gets to something that means tomorrow is viable.

I am allergic to bullshit, yet still remain a gentleman, a state of affairs which I am still old-fashioned enough to think important.

And I am definitely not 'cool'.


Pomes and Pics


Take care all Dx


David said...

I will try to translate this into artspeak when I am truly drunk.

Ron said...

WOW! Does that mean if you can't write an artist's statement you are not an artist?

David said...

Give me a patch of virgin snow and a full bladder, and I'll write my name. Does that count? :-)

Morte said...

struggling to find something encouraging to say about writing such a thing. But I can't. You've done ok though by the looks, through gritted teeth, no doubt.

I imagine my own artist statement, would "fuck off" suffice? Perhaps if I repeated it a lot?

David said...

I am heartily in agreement with you Morte.

Back to artspik: scratches head, chews pencil... um...

"My work reflects the trans-substantiation of the arguments of Voltaire's Candide into a post 20th Century construct undermined by a Lacanian invidiousnessististic bacalao matrix-" [BANG! Head hits desk, exeunt]

David said...

[Scene, man, rather dazed, writing at a desk. Unseen by him, a shovel poised behind his head]


Conceptual dichotomies concerning the 'site' and the 'edge' weave post-ironic interstices into a quasi-positive field with reference to the later Krypolowskichurian Logicus-Revisionism. [BANG! Man slumps on desk again. Shovel returns to original position.]

[A pause]

Ron said...

David you forgot after [a pause]

Audience laughter...

Audience wild applause...

curtain closes.