Monday, 7 September 2009

Still Here

Just living in freshstartville. All previous deleted.



Hannah said...

oh my! I just tuned in to catch up!
Hope you're well David, looking forward to seeing the new material!

Hannah xxx

Kate said...

Yikes! Blog-cleansing! What prompted that? I deceived myself that a clean slate would inspire new, improved, fresh content and yet, several months later...same old shit!
Eagerly awaiting new stock (no pressure or owt)!

Morte said...

Mmm the smell of fresh paint!

I kind of like the idea, though I'll miss some of your old stuff. Good to hear from you.

(PS: sent you an email re. Art Ex. in case you missed it, need to follow it up as I may be able to get there, will discuss with you)

Ruby Tuesday said...

Oooh, clean and a bit echo-y. Lookign forward to having you back though x

Mossy Mom said...

A moodswing eh?