Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Vote For Me!

A Second Look

I meant, vote for the picture you like best.



Kate said...


Philippa Brodie said...


Mandy said...

Love your work, Dave

but have to say the shiny bridge piccie is my fave.

I shan't vote. That way, I won't vote against you. :>)

Kate said...

The shiny bridge is at the Wicker-Arches in Sheffield, just down the road from me.
Unless I'm grossly mistaken, or it has a double!

Kate said...

..so of course, I was torn!

David said...

Thanks all. Shiny bridge? Do you mean the metal one? That's in the floating harbour I think. (All the photos are Brizzle).

I like the pink bicycle and drinkers outside the Arnolfi best of the rest.

take care me dears, Dx

Kate said...

There are too may fucking bridges in this contest. I was referring to candidate C (the one with light-trails going on) but I agree, the metal one is better.

David said...

Oh! That one - that's Zetland Arches. My best friend used to have a flat just beyond there.

Kate said...

There's clearly something up with my brain right now. After all those 'mis-readings' on your last blog post and now my mistaken identification of a bristol bridge with a simular south yorkshire structure, I'm beginning to worry.
Still, think I might have to photograph our Arches from the same position and compare.

David said...

If I was a reductionist psychiatrist, I'd be going on about salience and dopamine. Unfortunately, I'm not a psychiatrist, which is why they don't either.

I'll just say that you're just making connections. We all do it. I'm as guilty as the next.

I bet the architecture dates from similar times.


Morte said...

Duly voted. I may or may not have been slightly biased.