Monday, 26 October 2009

Am I (Delete Search History)

K takes the credit for spotting this. I got to wow her with my Alt Prt Scr moves.

Other news, I finally got around to making a pinhole camera. Still experimenting.

Other news. I'm flipping out generally but doing a good impersonation of someone who isn't mainly by avoiding people. Lost my temper with a rabbit skin I was trying to turn into a hat for the baby. It wasn't big enough. His head has grown.

Feeling odd. We should have gone off to Wales for half-term but we haven't yet.

Take care all. Dx

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Borderline Lil said...

I just did the Am I google and it offered me "am I pregnant calculator" as well as the classics "am I fat", "am I overweight" and "am I depressed". Whatever happened to "AM I GOING TO BE AN ASTRONAUT WHEN I GROW UP?" or "AM I LIKELY TO BE THE NEXT LEAD SINGER OF THE CLASH?"

Bad luck about the rabbit skin hat, man, damn baby head growing all out of proportion-like...