Wednesday, 7 October 2009

They All Want To Do Away With Everything. Even the Wheelchair Users. Let Alone Us Imaginary Wheelchair Users.

Sign the petition. Tell your friends.

Parties across the board are wanting to scrap Disability Living Allowance. This affects the most vulnerable members of society.

There are only a few days left of the Green Paper consultation period. Write to your MP if you feel strongly enough.

Sorry to bother you with touchy-feely rights-of-man stuff, but this is actually important.

Love to all, David. (A disinterested party - never been well enough in the head to cope with the forms and hoops to claim it.)


Morte said...

I'll have a look. I don't know much, and I'm very fortunate in that it doesn't affect me directly, but it may well do one day (as I cling precariously to what's left of my career) I had heard recently though, that it is bastard hard to claim this DLA? I'd be interested to hear whats involved.

David said...

Just sign it for the sake of the crippled and the damned and the incapable. Then look into it. Take my word as it stands. I'm not exaggerating.

David said...

All input has to be 'taken into account'.

David said...

And more importantly, write to your MP.

Kate said...

Morte - DLA is a non-compensatory benefit for people with a disability to help meet 'disability related expenses' and comes in varying components. Not to be confused with an earnings replacement benefit such as Incapacity benefit or ESA - hence you don't need to be without income to claim it (in fact you could be a millionaire providing you meet the disability criteria). It's not difficult to get if you genuinely fit the rules but it does require a bit of understanding of them and an ability to respond to the questions in the appropriate way.

The concerns about the scrapping of DLA Care componant came about after the govt. issued a Green Paper this July 'Shaping the future of Care together' in which they proposed combining some funding streams to deliver a 'new and better' care and support system 'integrating some elements of disability benefits..'. The paper (I've got it infront of me) is deliberately vague and ambiguous as ever but does specify that Attendance Allowance (that's the equivalent of DLA care for people over 65)would be one of the ones affected.

Just to update everyone - at the Labour Party Conference just gone, Phil Hope (care services minister) was asked if he would abolish DLA after the general election and he categorically replied 'no' -
'All the models that we have done have not included DLA - DLA is not under threat and we can be happy'..
So if that's any reassurance, that's the best we've got so far.

However, turn you attention to what George Osborne's proposing in his 'we must all take the pain' regime of austerity and Mr Cameron in his proposals to cut welfare spending by getting people off Incapacity Benefit and on to job-seekers (thus having benefits slashed by 25 quid a week). Another round of asessments looms for previous IB claimants (and we know what those assessments involve;ritual humiliation by doctors and 'specialists' with usually no understanding of mental-health issues).

So, don't worry too much about the DLA but do get mobilised against the proposed plans to get all ye cripples and lunatics back to the workhouse!


Morte said...

ok thanks Kate. David I trust your word of course, and I agree with you, I was merely trotting off to the website to have a quick read and duly sign for the sake of those who would be affected.

Kate said...

P.S - continued the rant over at mine