Friday, 16 October 2009

Unexpected Visit

I don’t like MH professionals when I’m not in a fit state to talk to them.





Kate said...

I do like that top photo - looks like vast and terrible angel wings.
Take care you.

Ron said...

In my experience MH Professionals prefer to talk to people when they are not in a fit state - how else could they have an advantage. On a level playing field a MH Professional is at a distinct disadvantage - and they know it all to well.

David said...

Thanks Kate, will do. Dx

Ron - I like the chap ordinarily. I just find I dislike all of them extraordinarily, if you catch my drift! I don't like being at the disadvantage in other words, and he hates seeing me in that place too, because it's been a 50/50 relationship mostly since the dark days of early 08.

That said, saying he'd come round after lunch and turning up after four... grrr! :-) That was love-making time wasted when the baby was asleep. That would have been useful therapy. Normally clears the brain for an hour or so.


Sorry folks.

Take care all, Dx

David said...

Or what I meant to say, he's one of the good guys. But I wasn't, and still am not anywhere near a frame of mind to be dealing with the question "how are you?"