Friday, 9 October 2009

WTF? Swine Flu Inspired Changes to Mental Health Act - Only One Doc For Sectioning.

Am I crazy, or does this sound evil?

Via HenryNorthLondon


Hannah said...

I had to read that twice and I'm still confused - why are they picking on people with mental health disorders? surely a swine flu outbreak of any significant size will affect all departments?

Do you think if I ring up the DVLA and explain about the possible staff shortages they are likely to incur due to a future swine flu epidemic they might rush through my pending car tax application which they mucked up royally about 3 weeks ago and still haven't sorted out?

Quick! do it now before the pigs send us all snottily to our beds!

Live for today, for tomorrow ye could be struck down by the deadly flu of pigs.

Any excuse to lock us up and throw away the keys...grrrowl.

Morte said...

That is slightly surreal, I thought it was fictional or in another country, but no, here. Reason being is it appears to have barely made an impression on the net bar several blogs and that source. They're doing well to hush that up.

This increases my long held fear that we (service users etc) lack robust representation by an organisation that understands MH issues and has some bloody teeth/enthusiasm.
Until we do have such an organisation we'll contine to be the butt of fear based policy making and ignorance based discrimination. Because who cares what we think, we're all loonies, right?

Incidentally there seems to be plenty of "hug me I'm mental" charities, who's only remit seems to be making us socially acceptable. I don't want a fucking Bipolar T-shirt, I want to be protected from being a casualty of the 'war on swine flu'.

..and breath...

David said...

Here's the consultation document.

Kate said...

they don't have the space or resources.
may I say it - Hog-wash.

Alison Rising said...

Very scary indeed. Next thing you know, they'll be sterilizing us, too.

Morte said...

Changed my mind on that.
Thanks for linking document, made interesting reading.

Ron said...

Boy! - I re-read Animal Farm just in the nick of time - pigs are dangerous.