Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Strange Couple of Weeks

The main thing that's been happening is that K has been suffering palpitations, chest pains, breathlessness and fainting for the last fortnight. She's fit, she's not the panicky type. So it's all been a bit worrying. The local doctors just call an ambulance as soon as you phone them, so then you have all of the inconvenience and embarrassment of wasting people's time... Blah. Spent most of last night in Gloucester A&E - the palps have been increasing exponentially over the weekend.

It all seems a bit strange for people who never call a doctor let alone an ambulance.

As for my darling, she never got to experience pain-relief in birth because she didn't kick up a fuss. She got labelled "A quiet labourer." Little story: 2nd boy, I went under the blankets to take a look after a few hours of fierce (yet silent) contractions. It looked pretty 10cms to me. Got a midwife. She started hectoring K that if she's making this fuss so early she'll have to have an epidural - I told her to take a look at the sharp end (blunt end? hmmm) and she shot out of the the cubicle shouting for delivery room and wheelchair. Yes... crowning.

Stoic people get short shrift.

That's the moral.

Anyway, only a two week wait for the appointment with the cardiologist. Bradycardia/Tachicardia Syndrome is their best bet at the moment.

As for me - there are great advantages in having somewhat elevated symptoms during times of stress. It gives you the superhuman powers to look after people.

If I believed, I would pray. But I don't, so I don't. But I'm trying to do everything I can do.

And the irritation of getting an ECG one minute after an attack, and one minute before and the bland not-my-problem-attitude of the otherwise perfectly decent nurse is mindblowing.

However, plus side, some good people-watching and amusing tales.

Anyway, that's where we are. Trying to carry on as normal.

Hope you are all ok. Take care Dx


Marian said...

Geez. Hope, both you and K will be ok. Take care, you too!

David said...

Thank you Marian.

Borderline Lil said...

Thinking of you both, stay positive xx

la said...

Hope all will be OK x

Hannah said...

Hi David, so sorry to read this, I really hope K's alright. Lots of love to you both,
Hann xxx

La-reve said...

Thinking of you D, and hoping all will be well, take care x

eccedentesiat said...

Thinking of you both. Hope K is okay x

Ruby Tuesday said...

will keep fingers and toes crossed that everything is ok xx

Morte said...

Best wishes to you all,