Saturday, 14 November 2009

Desolation Row

I marched against this sort of thing. Marching wasn't enough. Now it's rubbing our noses in it, and screaming at us that what we did wasn't enough. What should we have done? Bar killing the government of course... :-) (That's a joke, Mr GCHQ Beardie-Minion (I've met a few - but maybe Weird Beards aren't fashionable anymore in the Cheltenham Shop)).

Killing the government wouldn't have helped much. A new government would have stepped into the void and done the damned same thing. What now? Kill all people who might form governments?

Somehow I don't think governments are the answer.

Maybe pick on the people on the top of the pyramids of the organisations that tell governments what to do (as if we could get to them even in a James Bond Wank Phantasy). And no, I'm not a conspiracy type. I just distrust multi-billionaires, and their 2nd and 3rd in command.

Our poor government would probably come a sad 6th or 7th or 8th on that list.

Edit: I've just thought of a metaphor or simile for the new world order. Imagine a pond full of little fish at the Top Of the Pond Ma! who are all spitting their little spits of bile in graceful arcs. Somewhere there is a fucking great big toad with a funnel in his mouth catching the topfishies' spouts of shite. He eats them and swallows, digests and craps them into all the small frogs below.

How's that for a model of modern fucking governments the worlds over? I despair. I fucking despair. Those poor families.

Click the fucking link.

And when you've clicked on the fucking link, then listen to the song. And I expect zero comments.

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