Sunday, 8 November 2009

Slugs In Mucus Make Few Friends.

My brother-in-law imparted the piece of advice encapsulated in the title of this blog on his wedding day, and he was talking about his father and stepmother. Or was it our wedding day? I forget. It was either ours or his.

The other brother-in-law's wife's mother is terminally ill. Only weeks left. She has her granny flat attached to their house, 24 hour nurse care, the works. Her daughter (professional Inhuman Resources Manageress, specialises in laying off whole workforces) and the b-i-l want to put her out of sight in a home. Their excuse is they don't want to disturb their fucked-up kid. It makes me so angry I could explode. We've already made it clear she's welcome in our house.

Society deems me mentally ill. What does it make of these evil cold cold bastards?


edit, following Mo's brilliant idea of always posting a song.


Mo said...

I remember a brutal charge nurse in the state hospital who offered me these yoda-like words of wisdom. "10% of these folk are mad, 10% are sad but 80% are just fuckin' bad! bad! bad!" as he whacked a ruler on a bench. That motherfucker scared the shit out of me. But I think if you extrapolate "yoda's" mantra... for every mad person in this world there are lot of bad bastards around. Might be some truth in there.

David said...

That's a great phrase, even if it comes from a cunt. Thanks Mo. I've already memorised it, woken K up, told her, and will no doubt use it a million times hence if I'm granted the years.

P... I'll call her P cos her name begins with it... She was married to a difficult man with some psychotic illness or another - different generation, they don't bandy diagnoses around like we have got used to. She was the only person on that side of the family who stuck up for me when I was going through the worst, when my missus had left with the kids and I was trying not to hang myself nightly. She said, very matter-of-fact to K: "He's your husband, he's ill. It's your business to stick by him until he's better."

I know the impact that made on my wife. And I am very grateful to P for saying it.

P is the sort of person that most 'normals' don't like. She is brutally honest. She speaks her mind. She doesn't hide what she thinks. I was the only person (a decade or two ago) who got on with her (like a house on fire). Over the last twenty years most people I know in the family have learned her worth too.

She'll be dead soon. I find it hateful when her so-called 'nearest and dearest' are burying her before the event.

Faugh! Faugh! Faugh!