Saturday, 14 November 2009

Something I left on the Guardian Talk Boards... MH etc

I wish I had the patience to read to the end of all the comments before speaking, but anger and irritation have got the better of me.

I have for good or bad, accurately or inaccurately been diagnosed manic-depressive. All it took was sticking to my guns on a friendship over the course of my third child being born. Better that that breaking up a family, eh? Yes, it had all got rather gnarly and ugly.

Speaking from experience, anti-psychotic drugs are a living hell. The last thing I remember after taking my first Care in the Community Pill (the other option was the strait-jacket and the lock-up) was the sight of my wife and kids crying at the effect it was having on me before I passed out. Believe me, all of you who've never had the pleasure, these things are STRONG SHIT.

Chemical Restraints... Chemical Strait-Jackets... these phrases are quite correct. These drugs do very little to alleviate the transitory problems the mind is going through. What they do do, is either i) poleaxe the person if that person follows the doctor's advice, or ii) induce even worse pyschosis if kept on a low dose due to the family saying we don't want a comatose daddy. (Research how quetiapine/seroquel attaches to histamine/dopamine receptors. Hang on, I'll do the job for you:

These fucking drugs made all my friends' jaws drop so far into the floor seeing their effect upon me that their jaws are still in Australia.

As for you pillocks talking about breeding... Don't you know a thing about madness and genius? Breed out these genes (if they'll ever be identified, which is a big fucking if) and you'll breed all creativity out of this planet. This may of course suit the way the people who govern us would like us to be.

I spoke about anger at the beginning of this post. My anger was aimed at those ignorant pseudo-eugenicists who seem to be populating the comments of the Guraniaurd. You people really make me feel murderous. I wouldn't call *that feeling* mental illness.

As for sex. Either twenty times a night or once a year. Goes with the territory my dears. The drugs don't help. They just force you into the latter category.

And I have already bred, you fucking eugenes! Three brave boys. All perfectly fine and dandy. (And middle class and Cotswolds donchaknew?) So fuck off with your fucking prejudice.

All the best .



link here:

Follow up addendum the first:

Should just add. Been drug free for a year. No problems since.

Also, the old lovely English phrase "Nervous Breakdown" should be employed nine times out of ten instead of condemning people to a medical diagnosis that leads to a lifetime of stigma.

Follow up addendum the second:

And I took myself of the anti-psychotics after a month. And was then later on the so-called mood-stabilisers, for which read depressants. No... not Anti-Depressants... I said DEPRESSANTS. "Kill yourself pills".

Thank God for alcohol. In fact, at the risk of going off topic, we had a wee dinner party this evening, and we were all talking about the way different drinks affect us. (Of course, drink is evil, despite it's 10,000 year old therapeutic history.)

Gin of course is the classic downer.
Whisky makes you frisky.
Brandy makes you angry.
Vodka... I can't remember.
Tequilla... um... that was when I --------------------------------- deleted.

Best not to drink, except when you know when to. (Apart from the glass of wine in moderation with the lentils (puy) and the orgasmic chicken (tescos).

Night night.



Why can I be more honest on a fucking national newspaper than I can on here? Makes my raison d'etre etc for blogging rather pointless.


Mo said...

Brilliantly put. Now... must highlight your text and press CONTROL-C... time for a bit of plagiarism. ;o)

Marian said...

Yes, absolutely brilliant!

Maybe I'll leave a comment there too. The usual "drugs are necessary"-bs simply pisses me off.

Mark p.s.2 said...

I didn't want to sign up to comment on the Guardian. Thanks for throwing a wrench into the gears of "just take your drugs" moto-religion.

David said...

Thanks everyone. I've been feeling less and less of an inclination to post here in cosy MH bloggoland, and when I'm in the right frame of mind, I'll spout my shite at the general public. Preaching to the converted here. It's the wider world needs educating.

Love light and peace as that violent racist Spike used to say.

Take care Dx (neither v or r).

Mossy Mom said...

Seroquel made me really psychotic.

Mossy Mom said...

The genetics theories are a load of B.S. that is used to sell drugs and make abusive parents off the hook. "Mental Illness" is caused by trauma.