Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Conception of Cain After the Fall

Finished my picture the other day. Title is tongue-in-cheek, or maybe left-buttock according to my knowledge of anatomy. Enjoy...

Earlier versions/process.

p.s. Alternative titles welcome... I'm tending towards "Yes we have no bananas"


Mo said...

Was Mark E Smith involved in the conception?

I just clicked on the image and it went MEGASIZE on my screen. Makes me wonder how big the actual painting is?

It's an amazing piece of work... if a little subdued... ;o)

Borderline Lil said...

Reminds me of its creator - fractured, bloody, brilliant....

Ron said...

possible title:


good Huh? don't cha think?

Kate said...

It's a great painting - very fauvist!I like a man who's not afraid to use 'pretty' colours.
Can't think of a better title but I'm seeing sea-food and charcuterie, bananas too, evidently a pair of titties and a fencing mask, a skinny little man and something foetal - amongst other things.
Hope you're well

David said...

Thanks everyone.

Mo - I should have really gone to town, but my kids were watching!

Lil - like a broken kaliedescope that I gashed myself on!

Ron - lovely pun. I won't spoil the others' pleasure by spelling it out, but it has leg in it ;-)

Kate - how did you know I was a 'wild beast?' Pretty colours... I've driven a pink car for the last um... 8 or 9 years... I'm not scared of pink. (And when the garagehands ask "Wot fucking colour do you call that" I reply "Condom Pink" Apols if anyone has heard it before.

It looks much better by candlelight in a dim corner.

Take care everyone Dx