Sunday, 1 November 2009

Whoops I'm Again Trip Flip and Need a Clip Round the Earhole

Had fun today at the private view at the RWA. My picture was the best out of the 600 [edit - this statement is me being ruthlessly self-judgemental :-D]. I pchawed and hissed with exasperation at half a dozen cliches. I was given the glad-eye by a hundred goat-eyed cat-clawed ladies in their fifties, and escaped.

But am in very good humour. I know it's too good. But I'm in a good mood and it's very hard to be silly up here in any way that any other human would notice at this time of night. I have had many strange glances today though.

And the Bristol Zombie March was amusing. "Call my Psychiatrist! I'm seeing things again!" The best I saw was a girl with a bloodstained baby attached to her by a string being dragged and kicked - a doll obviously. That and a man devouring Marge Thatcher's head.

Keep safe all! dxx


La-reve said...

Glad you are in good humour despite the hour. and the zombie march sounds interesting. x

David said...

Thanks La-Reve. Haven't got a great sense of humour tonight, but I agree, it helps. Dx