Saturday, 26 December 2009

Happy Boxing Day

That's another one done and dusted. And it was hard, especially in the morning.

I hope everyone has come out the other side a day older, a day wiser, and many years more stoical.

Lots of love from me to all you very dear people who all look out for all of us in times of trouble. (Oh shit, I'm possessed by Sir Paul McCartney!!!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD YOU SMUG BASTARD!!!) That's better.

I always have to spoil warm words. Sorry. Dx


werehorse said...

Happy Boxing Day D! Here's to making it through x

lettersfromexile said...

Happy Boxing Day! Hope today is a day of rest for you and lovely K x

differentlysane said...

Happy Boxing Day. Glad we all seem to still be in one piece.

Take care,

Louise H said...

lol, happy day after B-Day x

David said...

Thanks all. It was a lazy day. We had two options - either go and see the hunt meet gather in Cirencester (I was interested in taking unflattering photographs) or go to Glos Cath to see the Mummer's Play (old sentimental reasons). We did neither. Dx