Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I Hate Funerals

I hate funerals but I thought they'd be easier the older I got. But no. Anyway I'm dreading tomorrow. I don't know the form for CofE - I know the form for Catholic and Orthodox... but come hell and high water I'll throw a clod of dirt on the coffin in its hole and say goodbye. Anyway, the dead one is the only one in that family I liked. So I don't care if I inadvertently offend.


David said...

There will be tears of course. Mine and Kate's.

David said...

I'm being confusing again. Pat was Kate'sister-in-law's mother. And she was the only one out of my entire wife's side to take my side when I went publicly nuts. I'm very sad to see her go, though go she must.

If I ever get rampant rampant cancer, look out for me at the bottom of the cliffs of moher. (And the local coastguards are the first to tell you that the wind blows you into the cliff... at least twice.)

But who cares? It's still the stop button.

la said...

There's fucking nothing I can say here that won't sound trite, no matter how well intended it may be.


[everything that needs to be said in a silence]