Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Random Musings

Hello everyone, and again, thanks for all the well wishes.

We're surviving, but life has been simultaneously busy and fraught and 'salle d'attente' so to speak.

Anyway, it's Wednesday now I suppose, just, and so tomorrow K gets her go on the 24 hour monitor, and I get to see the physio about my sciatica. The boom-recorder being present will, of course, mean that K is completely recovered over those 24 hours, but that's the way these things always go. As for physios - thankfully I'm not up - last time I was there I was, and funnily enough, one doesn't get very good service when telling the doctor that they're feeling in the wrong place, and ARE YOU !!!SURE!!! YOU'RE FEELING WHERE I'M TELLING YOU TOO!!!!! angry stares and gesticulations... ahem.

Had my crown fitted today. For a dentistophobe the whole process wasn't too bad. The hour of drilling last week or so ago got boring eventually for me to start drifting off.

My Poor Old Teeth

These days the dentists offer the casts with an apologetic shrug, saying "We haven't got any room - can you - er - look after them and keep them safe for us?" Modern times eh.

We were also given a big big bag of freshwater crayfish the other day (frozen, but still not to be sniffed at apart from food-poisoning sniffings after defrosting). What a feast!


Funny wee story behind them. The chap who trapped them was dog-sitting for a mutual friend and gave them these and a whole pile of live ones because he enjoyed staying in their house. (Back to front recompense, but never mind that.) Anyway, the dog-owners don't like crustaceans - so they threw the live ones in the food-waste bin, and forgot about the frozen ones. The live ones kept trying to escape the foodwaste bin, so they kept putting more foodwaste on their heads. To no avail. Eventually they ended up putting them out of their misery (so to speak) by pouring kettles of boiling water on top of them. Sigh. If only they'd said, we'd have scoffed the lot and killed them a damned site more humanely.

Anyway, all the kids give a big thumbs up for freshwater crayfish. (Don't worry, conservationists, they were all the american species that is wiping out the protected indigenous variety - I checked.)

Apart from hearts, backs, teeth, crustaecea, etc, what else?

I'm planning a 24" by 20" pinhole camera. That will be amusing. Especially at £11 per negative. Patrons? Patrons? Where is our rich patron? :-D

Oh well, enough. Big moon tonight. My moon theory is now - yes in the winter - no in the summer.

Take care all, night night, Dx


David said...

(blimey, this post makes us sound positively ancient!)

Kate said...

sciatica - ouch! I get it too. Phisio will likely just tell you to hold out your leg (straight) point your toes and wiggle your foot about for half a minute.
We caught a crayfish and kept it as a pet for a couple of months, until it grew too big for the tank.Clive - beligerant little so-and-so. Tasted alright though. Putting live ones in the bin? That's deranged.
Here's hoping you're all fixed and as good as new very soon.