Friday, 18 December 2009

Who Wants To Come to the Rural Sticks for a New Year Party?

Just asking...

The last party was a good one.

You're all welcome. Just email me or phone. Most of you have the details. If you've lost them, then leave a comment and I'll find a way.



David said...

Not Wales, btw, sorry (but it's too cold for the likes of yis). I mean the Cotswolds.

H said...

At some point in the very near future, Duck and I will have a car - and then we'll be able to tootle out and visit you. But it won't be by New Year's Eve, I don't think, as we have a family crisis going on - 94-yr-old Grandma taken to hospital with flu, and it's touch and go - so all plans on hold...
And due to these combobulations, haven't yet sent you Jo Hanino as promised, but will do, when have a quiet moment. xx

differentlysane said...

Tempted (never been to a new year's party before). Although usual issues with public transport and the like...

Is there a train station nearby? Would be nice to see you again.

Take care,

Kate said...

Just left you comment on your latest re. this.
Differently - d'you hail from up north? (not sure why I'm thinking this but something suggested it to me long time ago).
In which case, myself and my motor could be of assistance.

David said...

It'd be lovely to see you both. Directions in the post.

I know I said you're all welcome, but the house is little, and there are limits for cramming people in (I forgot that... scratches head).

I reckon we could squeeze one more.

Take care all, Dx.

p.s. Be good to see you, H - it's been too long. Sorry to hear about your Grandma. And I found those mp3s the other day - I keep forgetting to check that email account! dx

Kate said...

Stop head-scratching and recomend a nearby B & B instead.