Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Xmas/Solstice Eeeeeee-Card

Well I'm ok as you see - just cooling myself down a little. I thought I'd take a weekend break of sun, sea, and sand, but realise now I was sold a pig in a poke.

p.s. Old posts have been restored (until next time)!


la said...

Crazy in the coconut you are.
Wouldn't want you any other way xx

David said...

Thanks my dear, Dx

David said...

"Wouldn't want you any other way" touches me perfectly. So, thanks again. I don't think taking pictures with tripod naked etc in the snow makes me crazy in the slightest - I was just after an amusing xmas card.

Tried some other experiments too tonight, all in the name of calming down... will maybe post, maybe not.

eccedentesiat said...

Haha Blimey David! That's all I think I can say! Merry Christmas to you and yours too x

David said...

Thanks Em, and wishing you a good xmas and new year too. Dx

Kate said...

There's a long standing tradition of 'cold-therapy' to 'cure' mania (last recorded episode circa 1850 - pouring ice from a 3rd story window onto a naked maniac allegedly cured 'for life').
Glad to see you're still upholding.
Re. the New Year gathering. Send me directions. If my car scrapes through it's MOT this week and the ice thaws, I'll try wind my way down your way. Send me directions (or just postcode'll suffice).

David said...

How big were the ice-cubes to effect the 'permanent' cure? :-)

I'll send you an email with the directions.

Take care, Dx

Marian said...

"How big were the ice-cubes to effect the 'permanent' cure?"

Haha! My very same thought. Operation succeeded, patient passed away. :D

Merry xmas to you and yours!

David said...

Hope you had a good one Marian. Iatrogenic icecubes? Is that the word? But who knows? I certainly seem to have developed a personal therapeutic habit of horrid cold water etc. I certainly wouldn't want it to be *prescribed* at set hours of the day. In fact that sort of sums up the uselessness of psychiatry.