Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Pretentious Claptrap


The pinhole is remorseless, a fixed view, focused equally on near and far, denying salience to the subject, or putting the subject in its lack-of-place with Nietzschean enthusiasm.

However, this decentralising of the subject is not its true virtue. What pinhole photography does best is to show us Time and Insignificance in the visual context.

People fall apart, despite their hardest effort. A tree shows us its constant vibration. Grass becomes water.

Pinhole photography is the supreme visual medium of flux; of the chaotic god's-eye-view of the world (all our gods have been chaotic over the last hundred years and more).

It is an unparalleled act of reduction, and perhaps an honest and much needed viewpoint. Man is made little in space, time, and importance.

To that end, I feel personally that the best pinhole photographs are the ones where the people in them aren't. Or if they leave traces, it's like a ripple on water, or smoke in the breeze.



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Mossy Mom said...

Damn nice for a pinhole camera!

Mossy Mom said...

Ok so this reminds me of the work I do at night. At night I can leave the shutter open for 25 seconds and get ghost cars and lights that shine like stars and ghost people. I don't have access to a darkroom right now so I think I'll stick with nigh time digital stuff.

Differently Sane said...

The bottom one is how I often feel - partly invisible...

They're really good pictures.

Take care,

David said...

Thanks all - I should post a picture of the camera - I've called it the Cyclops f/229 - it's a box, it has a single eye drawn around the pinhole, and it's spray-painted GOLD!

Actually, I'm hoping the weather will be bright tomorrow. Want to try it out again.

The negatives are 8"x10" - a whole new developing ballgame.

MM - I turn off all the lights and do my darkroom stuff on the kitchen table - it's possible out in the sticks, especially in winter.

DS - You feel accurately what is our shared experience. I took a picture of a party with 100 people in November - a 24 hour exposure - there was music and mayhem and etc all through that time. On the print - just an empty room.


We are ALL invisible when seen at a slower speed.

Take care both, Dx