Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Simply Brilliant

Mania and the Risk of Power - riveting stuff, and absolutely fascinating. I urge you to read it in the strongest possible terms.



Mossy Mom said...

I'm too manic to read that right now but I will try.

Mossy Mom said...


see the lights are red and green at the same time.

Scream said...

I found the article to be interesting because it discussed mania in spiritual and personal terms. Most writings about mania that you find are written to address pathology and treatment and ignore the person experience of mania.

What I did not like about the article is that it was only about mens experience with mania and it assumed that all mania is grandiose. I never have delusions of grandeur and I know I'm not the only one.

My delusions are mostly paranoid but I do experience the oneness with the universe and transcendence while manic. I also get Delusions of reference, but they are almost all paranoid and not grand.

Kate said...

I'm half way through (too anxious or mixed-up and lacking in concentration to read so much). Fascinating all the same.
I think mania was more tolerable/ acceptable in the 19th century (especially the first half of - have you read that contemptuous fart-brain, John Ruskin?), especially amongst the artisitc/eccentric elite.
I'll finish it and attempt to return with more 'sunstantial' comments! ;)

Kate said...

Dear oh dear! I can explain…I clicked on your link and bookmarked it for later reading. Went back to it - only I didn’t! I opened something else I’d saved and thus left an entirely irrelevant comment! Sorry about that (delete it!).
I’ve now read it (I think. I don’t trust myself to do anything right at the moment. Brain has short-circuited).
Fascinating – I can relate to quite a lot – particularly the perceptual stuff, but less so the grandiosity. I have too much anxiety and an over-riding need for self control to properly enjoy mania and let it all hang out. I force restraint upon myself to the extent that I become paranoid and angsty. Same old story – if I lived somewhere else … blah blah.

Mossy Mom said...

Yeah going somewhere else to be manic might be good. When I go alone into the mountains I let it ALL hang out or down or whatever. I sing I scream and I do things that have been mentioned in the last few posts on this blog. LOL

Hard to let it all hang out in a small home town.. perhaps I should let it all hang out in a big city.

David said...

Inhibited Manics Seek Wilderness. Please Apply Without.