Monday, 11 January 2010

The Americanization of Mental Illness

Absolutely fascinating.

Via Gianna.


Mossy Mom said...

The Western mind, endlessly analyzed by generations of theorists and researchers, has now been reduced to a batter of chemicals we carry around in the mixing bowl of our skulls.


Kate said...

Thanks for this. As an ex-anthropologist it took me back to some familiar terrain. I often wonder about the imposition and appropriation of western models of mental illness elsewhere. It was an enquiry I toyed with in my 3rd year. It's not(to my knowledge) a much researched subject.
Fascinating I found was the part about stigma arising more virulently in communities where the organic explanation for mental-illness held sway - something that had't really occured to me. It would seem to make sense however.

The world will soon be one bland, homogenous, joyless, toxic mush. It's desperate.

Time for my pills.