Saturday, 9 January 2010

To Roll Or Not To Roll...

Is taking a snow-bath at 3.15 mad? I don't think so. Is doing yoga mad? Putting your body into poses where your joints go eventually cxxxcrxxx? I don't think so. Rock climbing? I don't think so. Sky diving? I don't think so. Base jumping - they're fucking nutters. Hmmm. I just had a lovely roll in the snow. And now I feel warm again*. The funny thing is, that a welsh llyn in summer feels colder. (Scientific explanation - it takes a minute for the snow to start melting on you and conducting heat away fast - water does it quicker).

But why o why is it a turn-on? If I could get to the bottom of that, I'd be beginning to understand myself.

Night and take care all! :-)

* thanks LorWKate for reminding me of the joys of cold tonight.


Kate said...

Not mad but certainly unusual. As a nation, we're pretty lame when it comes to the cold although nowhere near as nesh as the French and Spanish. Infact the further North you go, the more cold and snow feature in recreational activities (only natural I suppose when you've got a surplus of both). I don't know what they get up to down the other pole. There aren't that many of them down that end tho.
I've done the skinny-dipping in December thing once or twice but never built up the nerve to take a naked snow-bath - mostly out of fear of arrest/section - since my yard is over-looked by at least 5 other dwellings.
No idea why it should be such a turn-on although cold bright weather generally helps to shoot me right 'up' (something to do with the invigoration and extra brightness I suspect)and one of the clearest signs of an elavated mood for me is the increased body temperature & an enhanced enjoyment of things cold. The more regular species of Bristish cold (monotomous, soggy, grey) does absolutely nothing for me however.
Base-jumping - now that's a madman's sport. Why would anyone want to plunge to the brink of death? Come to think of it, I can see the thrill in that now.
Anyway, far too much rambling and who do I think I am - writing comments longer than your actual post!
Thanks for the mention (I'm assuming that was me at the bottom). We're off out now, sculpting more snow.
Take a snow-bath for me next time won't you.

Mossy Mom said...

I though about rolling in the snow during one of my hikes.. Oh wait.. maybe I did, I can't remember.

David said...

MM - :-D

Kate - sorry, was contracting Loopy and Weedy - but WeedyKate doesn't really ring true. :-p