Saturday, 23 January 2010

Waiting Room

I'm in the waiting room. I don't know where I'm going. Up, down or sideways. All I know is change is on the cards. This winter so far I've been doing a good job of making sure things don't build up. Usually I'll be crashed in February and March. I want to try not to.

K has had all her tests. Now we wait for the pleasure of the consultant to look at them and deign to inform her what he thinks the problem might be. How many days, weeks or months that will take, who knows.

It is very good, I suppose, that I live somewhere where it is pretty difficult to scare the horses. Well, I might scare the horses, but horses don't use telephones. But at the precise moment I wish I was in the middle of a city.

Lots of you have been having a shitty time. I'm sending you all my love and solidarity.

I want to type a word that doesn't exist, something like: eeeighghhgheiighqarerihdfdhgh!!!

There. That didn't help did it?

I'm going to go upstairs and carry on reading Augustus John's autobiography. He does a nice line in very polite scathing vitriol.

Take care all. We'll all come through. And keep coming through.


1 comment:

la said...

Hope K is doing OK day to day. And you, of course.
Have been thinking about you both xx