Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Crap Tech Question

Any clever people out there who know how to get a blogger feed into a sidebar on another blog? Reason? Fair enough if asking for help to give a reason, I suppose: I'm trying an experiment in describing my state day to day in NON-MEDICAL language. I want the posts in a lump in the sidebar. I've got it so the title shows, and the date. But not the post. Any ideas?

(I know, I know... I never ask for help on boring things like this, but I haven't had a minute to work it out properly for myself, and I'm sure you are all far better educated in this sort of thing than me).

Thanks in advance, Dx

(blog in question:

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Mossy Mom said...

I think there is an option to show the first few lines of blog entry and a thumbnail in the blogs I'm following widget.