Friday, 26 February 2010


Over and over again since I found myself part of the blogosphere (how the fuck did that happen?) I have been incensed by the blatant sexism that appears to be part and parcel of the UK MH services.

How to get treated with respect? Be a man (and preferably an articulate and well-spoken man)*.

It makes me sick. I would gladly be treated with less respect if all women were treated with more. It is so bloody wrong it makes me want to puke and do horrible things to consultants etc.

How dare they? How DARE they?

That is all.

* It's not just sexism, it's snobbery too. Bloody posh twats thinking they can flick and fuck people into left right and centre for their own good. Fast-tracked by Daddy's friends at the hospital. Flummoxed when a patient debates in detail back at them. Bastards.


Terra Incognita said...

I fought for respect in my doctor's office, so I totally respect this post and I agree. How many times was I threatened with hospital..or better yet, invited to get another doctor! because I expected to not be treated like it was all in my head, or that I was just overwhelmed with my life because I mistakenly became a mom/wife along with being a mentalist.
Thanks for acknowledging!

Mossy Mom said...

Nice to see a man speaking out about sexism. Thanks. I'm glad I have my husband to speak up for me when things go pearshaped. We don't have a NHS, so only the rich get treated and men make more than women.

La-reve said...

I think there is the old cliche that women are just overly emotional and hormonal so any symptoms are dismissed as this unless they warrant further examination as they go to extreme (in my case psychotic car park jumps)

Then there is the old Borderline fob, which unfortunately seems to be predominately adopted to our gender. In my opinion if you have an opinion and any inclination towards self harm then that is enough to throw you down that path. Because self harm is more common with women and our defense mechanisms towards mental illness can mirror certain traits. We are stuffed. Argue about it and this is written down as yet another trait.

I mainly became ill after having my son 2.5 years ago but I probably had syptoms beforehand. Still everything was atributed to childbirth and my GP dismissed my suicide attempts , anxiety and depression as 'baby blues'.

Its a shame we have to fight so hard in a system which is pretty hard to get help and assistance and to be taken seriously for even men. To be a woman means a uphill climb. I wonder how many fall through the net?

Pandora said...

I couldn't agree more. It's interesting that if a man respectfully challenges a diagnosis/choice of medication/whatever that that's often taken on board, but if it's a woman who does this the word 'borderline' is slapped in big, red letters across her file.

Though the other side of the coin, as you once noted on my blog, is that women seem to be more successful in being referred for psychotherapy.

Basically, mental health services on the NHS are just fucking crap whatever way you look at it.

Marian said...

Reading the comments here, it strikes me: Initially I got the "sz"-label thrown at me, "without doubt". Much later, and after I'd ventured to tell my therapist in rather straightforward terms what I think of the whole mh business, her own part included, I got "Sz, yes, but there seems to be something else, uhm, I'm not quite sure but, uhm, sort of borderline". LMAO.