Monday, 22 February 2010

Snowed In and Escape

Well, we went to Wales on Thursday, just in time to get caught by the latest load of snow. Very pleasant it was too, though fearfully chilly. Not so chilly that I didn't manage to have a near daily bathe in the stream though! This morning the stream was half-frozen, so I abstained.

I walked up over the hill at the back yesterday - Llyn T-- ---- and Llyn P----- were both completely frozen. Just as well - it would have been stupid to have had a swim in those conditions by myself. (I did consider smashing a big enough hole for a Finnish-Style plunge, but it was four inches thick - a weird mixture of water ice and refrozen snow in layers like shale). The silence was utterly unnerving. I felt that I was being stalked by something - a white tiger maybe, or just some disembodied and malevolent ice spirit. I don't spook easily, but my spine was bristling.

Amused myself by reading the first twenty pages of Malone Dies by Beckett to the boys for their bedtime story. They quite enjoyed it too for the first two days, then started to get bored. They're healthy wee lads.

Oh well, just a quickie. Will post some pictures when I've developed the films. Hope all are well and safe. Dx


Scream said...

That sounds fun. I have read that some Native American tribes would have their members jump into cold water as part of training for stick ball or whale hunting.

David said...

I suppose jumping into cold water would be par for the course for whale hunting training... I'm sure I'd be the first to be capsized.

Take care, Dx