Monday, 1 March 2010

Just Random Shite That Keeps Me Awake

Nature Versus Nurture.

Nature: [a F. nature (12th C), ad L. natura birth, constitution, character, course of things, etc. f. nat ppl stem of nasci to be born. The native English word is KIND]

Nurture: [OF. nourture, nurture, var of [...] nourriture] - breeding, upbringing, training, education (received or possessed by one). Now rare.


Nature, is, in modern parlance, our genes. Our genes are the sum total of our ancestral nurture that enabled our forebears to have babies before they died, etc, etc. Nature is the nurture that by good luck became hard-wired - written on the semi-permanent slate. (There is nothing necessarily good or bad about any of this.)

All nature is nurture, and all nurture is nature. What counts is how we act. Or "behave", to bring matters into our current control-freakery society.

Everything that happens to us forms us in such a way that we are either more or less likely to reproduce. This is where "nurture" in the wider sense transforms into "nature".

Nurture is the fact. Nature is after-the-fact. Nature is the after-the-fact fact that guides our nurture. Nature is the long term yet temporary influence between past nurture, present nurture, and future nurturing, all of which gives us tomorrow's "Nature".

(What was my point, I wonder, typing this shit up for your tedious delectation? - Probably to stick something in the spokes of the biological model. You can't separate it. The biological model is the entire recorded sum total of the abuse and kindness shown by the human race to its members.)

[Wee bit buzzy tonight and last night. Watch this space later for holiday snaps. Was up half last night developing. Scanning them this evening. Take care all, Dx]

edit. Holiday snaps delayed by a day due to more important matters, such as War Against Psychotics*, care of UK Ltd. Very Limited.

* I mean us, not the medication.

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