Friday, 26 March 2010

Proud Parent and Polite Plea

Well, managed to scrape a few fragments of sleep together in the early morning. Wish it had done more for the racket in my head. Off to watch oldest boy play for his school in the rain. His first match on the team. And god help me I detest football.


Edit: they won one out of their three matches - what they lacked in skill they generally made up for it in fierceness. But they are all so little!


And a polite note: if anyone wants to take issue with anything I write on here, the correct place for it is in the comments on here. Not on facebook. Thanks. It isn't much to ask.

Take care all. Dx


La-reve said...

Bless. Hope it got a treat for his efforts. Hope tonight is quieter. x

La-reve said...

I meant *he

David said...

Thanks La-reve. It got a doggy-choc for his efforts :-)

Mossy Mom said...

You're on facebook? I get 70+ entries under your name. Hard to narrow that down.