Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sheep and Goats

I am truly coming to believe there are only two types of people, and the old parable of the sheep and the goats fits well enough (except in the original the sheep are the nice guys).

Goats look you in the eye and recognise another person. Sheep are very good at avoiding you to the point where they don't even know you are there. A goat nearly ran me over - I gave her the glad-eye. Then I ate four sheep on the high street. Belch.

Other news? Totally disorganised a wallfull of a sport shop's football boot boxes - they were all in the wrong boxes anyway, before I got my hands on them. Found some for oldest boy who represents school on Fri.

Still no news from CPN. Perhaps his discharge has turned costive.

Enough silliness, found this poem today, and I liked it:


Passing away the bliss
The anguish passing away:
Thus it is

Clean past away the sorrow
The pleasure brought back to stay
Thus and this

Christina Rossetti.

Take care all, Dx

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Borderline Lil said...

Discharge turned costive - massive LOL. I love Christina Rossetti. I hope I am a goat. Love your work D!