Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Why Did You Kill My Dad (i)

Just watched the programme.

Several very sad stories.

A severe lack of balance too. The Beeb has fucked this one up entirely, and it will only add to the suffering of the poor innocent families who were participants.

Myself. I am UNTREATED. I occasionally suffer from PSYCHOSIS. I have never THROWN THE FIRST PUNCH IN MY LIFE.

That's all.

Hopefully, a more considered and probably more unpleasant post to come. It will be unpleasant, because the programme was so tenditious and one-sided it would be impossible to criticise without appearing unpleasant.

If anyone else has been watching, with an inside interest... Hugs.

edit - the post before this is far better. I just couldn't help myself on this one.


La-reve said...

Think I must have got half an hour sleep max. Programme did nothing to stop thoughts in my head. (yes you were right I shouldn;t have watched it).

From the melancholic music to the crazed looking pictures of the 'psychos', it was obvious what sort o programme it was goin g to be. I wonder if the maker writes for mail in spare time?
Is there a correlation between psychosis and homicide. Well I don't know. But as fellow psychotic(or prev one) I resent the assertion. Although programme also seems to suggest you must be male and psychotic so I prob am safe.Honest.

No wonder in a poll. a large majority of people said they wouldn;t feel safe living next to someone with a serious mental health problem. when this is what is offered up. PITY.

Marian said...

Wasn't able to watch - when will the bloody BBC make their stuff available abroad?? - but it doesn't look like I missed out on anything but the usual fear mongering, probably par excellence, in this case. Sickening.

La-reve: the correlation between "psychosis" and homicide is that it is far smaller than that between "normality" and homicide... In other words, your "normal" neighbour is a lot more likely to kill someone than any "psychotic" person.

But, of course, the "normals" can only be squeaky clean "normal" in as far as there are "psychotic" pick axe killers to point fingers at.

Also, if society can explain violence (away) as an act of meaningless madness it doesn't need to look at the true reasons why people become violent, that is, at its own violence. So, yeah, let's point fingers and explain away big time!

My own observation is that you really need to corner someone who's "psychotic", and threaten their life, before they actually fight back. The problem is that, because most people believe in meaningless madness, they don't realise when they're cornering someone, and threatening this person's life, with their own violence towards the person.

Thought-provoking article, also about this matter.