Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A Gleam of Good News

Neighbury Vets and Farriers,

To whom it may concern,

Re: Old Nag 101666, Male, previously of Hellstables, Barkington.

I am writing this letter at the request of the above named patient who I have looked after for the past 6 years. In 2008 he developed a serious mental illness and has been under regular specialist supervision from the psychiatric team until April 2010. He is now in fact discharged from their care as a result of consistently improved mental health for the last 12 months without any form of medication. Old Nag 101666 has good insight into his illness and is fully aware of the type of things which should prompt him to seek further medical help. I am sure that a supervised return to work will also prove beneficial to his continuing improved mental health,

Yours sincerely,

Felix Randal, Farrier and Horse Dentist.

Well, slightly guarded, not quite as ringing an endorsement as I was hoping for, but maybe a step in the right direction. Will it convince the insurers? We'll see. I did laugh at the conditionality of 'should' in: 'is fully aware of the type of things which should prompt him to seek further medical help,' but all in all I feel hopeful.

Take care all

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Morte said...

Breaking free of shackles left right and centre I see. Congratulations.

My CPN has just left after a very chatty hour and a half, I won't be discharged for at least another 6 months because I won't take any medication (stabilisers at least). I'm not worried about this too much, I'm very pleased that it looks like the pro-med scaremongering has abated and my views have been accepted. I just need to behave now until my next Psych review.

I had considered the offered options of lowered lithium and lamotrigine over the last 2 weeks and I had to give my decision today, but while I always keep an open mind with meds, I'm convinced of my ability to live without (given persistent levels of good insight, capacity to make informed decisions, knowledge of self, stable family/work environment), so wanted to try without.