Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Overheard Parenting That Made Me Shudder

Ok, so next door over the high wall, the mother and the two children are in the garden. The children are playing a game, or it might have been homework. The task was to start with a word, and change one letter at a time, and a different letter each time to make new words. We're all familiar with it. The word was WORDS. The mother managed LORDS. Then got stuck. What ensued was firstly her reducing the children to tears by baiting them and offloading her irritation onto them - they sounded about five or six years old. Then completely lost it and ordered them in for their bath, while they tearfully protested the injustice of life etc. Then the vile dad came out. I've got his number. I've had to listen to the sheer evil vindictiveness in his nasal weak voice when he orders his children about. It makes my blood turn to black pudding in my veins and my temples throb. After a brief and vicious argument with the mother, he tried to do the game too, and he could only think of LORDS as well. Then he started being so completely undermining to the point that the kids were sobbing again. I cursed "For God's sake!" loudly. Then started loudly moving garden furniture. He then ordered the children in for their bath. So I sat down and I wrote down WORDS:

words / wards / wands / hands / hinds / hints / hilts / tilts / tilth / filth / filch / felch / belch / beach / brach / brack / track / trace / brace / brane / crane / crone / drone

(ok, so felch was a bit of a disappointment to have to resort to, and brach is a type of hunting hound (as in brachet), and brane comes from membrane theory, but fuck, all words I know.)

Firstly, can anyone improve on 22 new words, and secondly my god if I had ever, ever allowed things to get even half as bad as they seem to be in that family, I'd have killed myself for shame.

I was sorely tempted to write the list on a paper aeroplane and fuck it over their wall. But saw sense. Existence is precarious enough. I'll save it for when I have somewhere else to go to.

Take care all.

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea" (Matthew 18:10, KJV).

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differentlysane said...

I wish I could say I was shocked, but unfortunatelt such parenting "techniques" appear almost commonplace... unfortunately there is truth in the phrase, "the ability to have children doesn't necessarily imply the ability to raise them"...

Take care,