Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A Cornucopia Of Delights

Hot black peat, oozing between toes. Sphagnum, spongiform, welling cold water underfoot. Rough sedge, reeds, abrasive heather, bastard thistles. Rock, oven-hot, burning soles. Sheepbit grasses, gentle to the tread. Bare feet, winged at the heels, flying up mountains. Breezes, neither too hot nor too cold. Your eyes, dancing in the sunlight; flickering in the candlelight. The gurgle and plash of the stream as we bathed our feet, warm and well-stretched by the day, soles gashed and prickled, sipping whisky and water, feet scoured clean, calves tanned with the ferruginous juices of a hundred marshes. Buzzards and curlews, yelping and sobbing by turns. Newtspawn, frogspawn, dewy flesh-eating flowers. The unbelievable clatter and clap of an irrepressible bed. Coffee and calvados as the dawn creeps bluely against the window.

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