Sunday, 27 June 2010

Pass the Bucket

Dear readers - please humour me for using this blog-space as an outlet for my sentimental simperings. I am presently sun-struck and moon-struck hence soft-in-the-head.

What happens when 2 manic-depressives get it together?
There's a punchline there somewhere but I still haven't thunk it.

Actually, what happens is this: They get along like blazing, forget to sleep, run for the hills where they take all their clothes off and do unspeakably silly and naughty things. In a nutshell - they thoroughly and outrageously enjoy themselves (and one another).

The author of this blog - my lover, my confidante and above all my friend - is a seasoned loon of excellent bearing. In fact, and most enviably, he is a paragon of composure and self-control (he will dispute this). If he truly is mad then he does a sterling job of concealing it or percolating it through every available finely meshed filter of wit and drive and productivity.

(- my dear, you can harness galloping wild-horses and command them expertly over the hills and troughs whereas I can barely get my leg over. Thanks for the lift -).

In temperament we are of the same blend; 1 part choler, 1 part black-bile to 3 parts blood (sanguis, sanguinosity or wot-not). Not a gobbet of phlem to be seen. Stir thrice and the mixture is frothy yet soothing - a fine tonic with a hint of green-tea. Together, we are spectacularly silly and supremely sensible. We wove the fridge-door word-salad into an intricate patchwork of wit and absurdity (of course he was far better and quicker at this than me). We put bins on our heads whils reciting rhyme and the washing up still got done! I'm not even going to mention libido (Oops! I just did).

Do two synchronised manic-depressives cancel one-another out? Could it be that the alleged lack of insight specific to maniacs is mutually combined and deployed so that the lunacies go on unchecked? More likely I believe it's a case of abundant empathy, compassion and concern - concern without alarm. We have a fine faculty for recognising each fleeting cloud, each glint and flicker of mirth or madness. It's practically unconscious, quite possibly infectious. Whatever it is we do - unravel one another's fraught knots, distract the other from deleriums or simply offer a share of the warm cloak when feeling exposed and raw - it works. Every possible metaphor or analogy that comes to mind for this synchronised, empathetic, telepathetic cog-work is unpalatably cheesy or cliched or both.

I don't doubt we encourage one another at times. I took my shoes off and squelched through the bog. Thus he did the same. He plunged into the glacial lake naked. I soon followed. Oh there was that moment of prudish hesitation when the hikers appeared. Two pristine, people-less days then, just as I tentatively stripped off my kit, that prat in lederhosen turned up to pitch a tent. He (D) has convinced me that it is perfectly reaonable, not to mention refreshing, to submerge oneself in freezing waters almost to the point of cardiac-arrest. As for snow-bathing - I doubt it somehow. We'll see - come January.

I'm not sure what I've done in return; talked, smiled, mocked, consoled? I certainly didn't rescue him from the wretched marital purgatory. I just offered some space, a quiet corner of peace and quiet, a cup of tea. And it has been a privilege, a delight and sometimes a worry to embrace someone recently released from a protracted and thoroughly undeserved house-arrest. It's none of my business to speculate on the sins and crimes of the past, but I'll put money on his future prospects of enduring happiness and sanity. Mine too I hope.

So long as I'm about to enjoy it, I don't believe either of us have the heart or mind or the bad-manners to drive the other mad.

X ? - Oh come on! As if you haven't worked out who I am ;-)


Pandora said...

*hugs* to both of you xxx

La reve said...

So nice that you are both enjoying eachothers company. Oh and I'm not sure that two bipolars cancel eachother out but you know if their are no 'normals' to point out the 'crazies' then maybe there are none. I'm not sure that makes sense but you know a bit like -if a tree falls i the woods and there is no one around then does it make a noise conundrum. LR x

tweednut said...

I think the cancelling-out works simply that one knows by instinct how one prefers to be treated (or not be treated) by someone else at different times - just do unto others, etc, maybe? And the signs are easier to recognise. I might try to think harder on this, but for now just want to say that was a lovely post, and far too complimentary. dx