Sunday, 21 August 2011

Trying to Remember How To Write

Yes yes yes, I've been away, and for good reasons. Mostly circumstantial, generally of the variety that gets very tired of all the "is this going to offend someone?" Anyway, I'm not out to offend anyone, just to catch up a wee bit.

How is the head? As mad as ever, but being with a mad lover, I've found new strength to keep it smothered better than I used to. Thereby hangs a tale... tail? Donkey? If circumstances improve ones capability, then where lieth the madness? I take refuge in my old equation:

Weirdness - Coping = Symptoms

And coping of course is easier when one is happier. So, that's that sorted.

What else has happened to me recently? In the last two months I have had a vasectomy, turned forty, saved a drowning muslim, spent plenty of time with the kids, and tidied up my flat. How's that eh? I'm sure I could talk more on any of these things, but why now? No-one will read this - the blogosphere is a fickle audience.

In reverse order, some dangleberries:

Finally sorted out the boy's bedroom. It was a 'box room' before. Only took me 10 months, but so what?

Boys are blooming. Little wee beasts. Happier. Thank god.

Sorry, I think it's decent enough not to offend the paedophiles.

Drowner: an instructor from the East End Mosque I happened across while walking along the Wye. It was every nightmare that you can imagine (panicked big man, underwater trees, sinking semi-corpse, panicked bystanders running away like zombies, fear and fear and fear), and it didn't make me feel good - the opposite - I felt like a criminal.

Forty? Smorty.

Oh enough!!! Hope all are surviving out there. xxx

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