Thursday, 8 August 2013


Expedition Log.

Day One.

My name is Ekaterina Krasnaya Volkova. I am a post-graduate research scientist on expedition to south Novaya Zembla. I study mutations caused by nuclear testing on local flora and fauna. I am twenty year old. I am here alone now.

Other researcher ill. He evacuated three week ago. Much vodka. I am not sorry. He become big pain in the arse. Men. They cannot be alone. They hit bottle. They hit on me. I am not interested. I am still virgin, still Ekaterina. My work is husband for me. Why I write in English? I learn, I practise. I sound like Russian bride advertisment.

Day Two.

Internet down now six day. Yesterday, I see wolf again. To see wolf this north, this is interesting. Maybe he eat lemming? The old woman I not see for two week. I take her food and fuel maybe. She say she have son. Maybe not.

Protocol demand I not travel far from base vicinity. But no-one to inform but bear and wolf. I take the supplies, tomorrow, or day after.

Day Three.

This whole land, it is rape. This land is whole fifty megaton rape. Men and their toys. Tsar Bomba, Tsar Bomba, big bangs, boom, how clever, clap, clap. There whole landscape made glass. Animal all die. Many ill. Many give birth to monster. Nature, she come back.

Day Four.

I eat herring, rye, gherkin. Maybe I drink little vodka. Maybe I eat pasta, sauce, spinach? No. Climate wrong. At least night has come back. The sun, always the sun, it cooks head, burns eyes, makes ears ring. I need bath.

Day Five.

I go to old woman today. Fill snow-mobile with fuel. Load gun. Take supplies.

Day Eight.

I am back. I went to old woman. Saw polar bear. I fire gun to scare it. Old woman not at home. I went in. On bed was wolf. He lick me. He is gentle. I take off clothes. He enter me, small, like bone, then big inside, and locked. I cannot move. Later, he grow small again. I put on clothes.

Old woman come home. We eat. I stay three days. I fuck her son three night. Then I go. I think I am with child. But I have work still. This research. And I think am bride now.

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