Saturday, 18 January 2014

Retrospective and Prospective

Hello, Earthlings. Long time, etc, yes, no, etc.

Firstly I realised (an utterly unbiased opinion) that there is some rather fine writing on here, so decided it may as well be public again if it helps anyone in a hole.

Secondly, the Atos gits still haven't got me in for a medical and the file is growing, involving MPs, the relevant minister, and all sorts. Fight, not flight, even if that is ill-advised. Bring it on, Nazis!

Thirdly, I remembered today what a lifeline this old blog was in some strange times. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Lastly, strange times never go away. We just get better at navigating. Anyway, enjoy, and if it helps someone, somewhere, then that is all to the good. Dx


elm tree said...

Hi David,

I don't know quite what to say, except that I began to read this blog when I was seventeen and very alone, and felt on most days like my heart was about to explode through my ribs. Now I'm twenty-four, and some of the lines and phrasings from your poems have never left my head. And you introduced me to Shostakovich. I am glad you are keeping it, and please keep writing. Yes, yes, it is helpful. Thank you.

Pippa X

David said...

Thanks Pippa. I've only just seen this, so forgive me for how late this response is. Dx