Saturday, 15 February 2014

Will You Be My Valentine? AKA The Other.

Not much to ask is it? After four years of love and sturm and drang? Just a little token. Just a statement that on this feast-day I will voluntarily say "I Love You", and let's forget the shit.

Well. No. We can talk about the late-capitalist commercialisation of the Day till the cows come home, and hopefully get well-fucked by their bull. Wrong season. Or we could talk about the socio-philosophico-ambient-spacialness of the concept of the Deme(a)ned within the the Demen(e)se. Or something

But on Valentine's Day, poor subjugated martyr, I just want my lover to say I LOVE YOU.

The Other.

What a pain they are! They don't think like you, they don't see like you, they don't hear like you, and they certainly don't feel like you.

The other is the attraction. The otherness of the other. But there is the cosy part of yourself that wants your other to be similar. I can only put it down to a conflict of ape and aspiration.

Still makes me want to tear my own head off and drink the spurting blood from my neck-stump into my gaping maw held between my own bodily loving hands.

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