Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Whither Now, Labour?

Whither Now, Labour?

The media is getting its little panties in a right twist. Jeremy Corbyn has, utterly unsurprisingly, taken a strong lead in the leadership election. Why are all of the usual suspects so flabbergasted?

Well, for starters, they do not listen to the membership, neither the electorate. The myth that Ed Miliband was too far left seems to have filled their brainpans to the point that they cannot see the actual evidence before them. Ed Miliband was not half left enough. So many people I have spoken to over the course of this year have all said the same thing: give us a proper Labour Party back.

Many have jumped ship to the Greens, UKIP, TUSC, and last but not least, Plaid and the SNP. Many of them won't be coming back. But a lot of them will, given a practicable choice. And there are all of those people who have not voted since Blair, of which I was one until this year. And there are all of those young people who have been royally screwed by Osborne's Budget.

Why am I supporting Corbyn?

I'm sick of soundbites, focus groups, and safety-first wonkery.

I'm sick of the Labour Party being apologists for neo-liberalist finance.

I'm sick of seeing our, the peoples', shared wealth and heritage being sold off and then the poorest being asked to foot the bill.

I'm sick of our debate becoming so narrow and dumbed-down that no alternative seems possible.

I'm sick of the attacks to our education system, from the raw deal today's children face to the annihilation of adult learning.

I'm sick of the piecemeal privatisation of all our national assetts, through out-sourcing, contracting, PFI... These things belong to US.

And above all, I'm sick of inequality deepening every year.

The press and the media will spend the next five years attempting to convince us that socialism cannot win. We have to be ready for that, to fight it, to support and convince our fellow citizens, to bloody well get out there, rally the people and VOTE.

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